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Here you can read all about my books. I have just published "The Magic Cloud and Alex". 

While jumping in puddles on a rainy day, Alex wishes: "Rain, rain, go away! Come back another day."

A magic cloud called Jaz appears above him. Will he make Alex's wish come true? This picture book is available on Amazon.



The Naughty Naughty Chair

One day Robert was very bold and his Mother sent him to the naughty chair.

Robert hated the naughty chair.  He wished he could get rid of it.

Suddenly the chair lifted from the floor. Robert was still sitting on it.

Was his wish coming true and if so, how would he get off?

This picture book is available in Hodges Figgis,  and on Amazon

The race is on

Annie, a talented athlete must leave home and stay with her aunt’s family when her mother goes into hospital. She misses her friends and worries that her training will suffer.

She joins a new running club but will she keep her position in the race league?

She falls in love with a boy in school but will her love be reciprocated?

This chapter book ( 10-12 years old ) is available on Amazon.

Also recently published is "Fedina goes to Fairy School. Fedina is excited about her first day at Fairy School. She will learn how to make flying fairy cakes, and how to look graceful as she hovers in the air. A big challenge awaits her the next day. A rainbow hits the fairy village, making it visible to humans. Who will ring the bell in the Castle Tower to warn the village and cast the invisibility spell to make the village invisible again? This chapter book ( 44 pages, 7-10 year olds ) is available on Amazon


The Cat with Curly Whiskers

Tia the kitten was born with curly whiskers.  She doesn't like them one little bit.  Sia and Mia help her to straighten them.  Will they succeed at this very difficult task? 

This picture book is available on

Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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